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S A C R E D.  

P A L O  S A N T O was founded on the idea that home is a sacred space, and should be filled with carefully curated pieces that speak to the soul. Our name is inspired by the ancient wood that has been used in indigenous healing and spiritual purification ceremonies all over Mexico, Central, and South America for centuries. Translating to “holy wood”, the ritual of burning Palo Santo helps to cleanse surrounding energy and allows our minds to reset as we pause, reflect, and connect more intimately with our space. 

S O U L F U L. 

We believe in honoring life’s daily rituals, no matter how small. Each piece in our collection is designed to elevate these little moments, be it burning an ancient holy wood, sipping on a delicious cup of coffee or applying your favorite skincare product. Made from organic materials and molded by the hands of artisans, incorporating these small treasures into our daily rituals brings an element of intentionality to our lives and allows us to feel more grounded. 

S L O W.

We believe in the value of slow design and meaningful consumption. In a world of mass-production and hyper-consumerism, we are drawn to pieces that tell stories and evoke emotion. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted with a focus on the materials, creation process, and makers. Made in small-batch, family-owned talleres (studios) or, in some cases, in the artisan’s home, the creation process for each piece ranges from 20 days to 14 weeks. We see conscious consumerism as integral to the survival of artisanal knowledge and livelihood, as well as the future of the planet.  

S U S T A I N A B L E.

As a brand, we consider sustainability an integral part of our culture at all levels, including environmental and social. From the careful extraction of raw materials to the finishing process, our artisan partners share our commitment to environmental responsibility. Utilizing only locally-sourced, natural materials from sustainable sources, these materials are never treated with synthetic or chemical products. Artisans employ sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact including the reduction and recycling of waste and the use of alternative energy sources.



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